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Yoga Is Hard to Do With B00bs

[This post was originally published on my old blog]

Yeah. I said it. B00bs. I have them, and they’re in the way! I’ve started taking hot yoga with some friends at a local studio. I’d never taken it before, although I had done one non-hot yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness a couple months back.

Hot Yoga Supplies

Hot Yoga Supplies


Now, if you’ve ever done yoga, you know that the poses are already difficult. Add in some extra body mass from being overweight and they’re even more difficult. Now, add in a couple of bowling balls on your chest and it makes quite a few of the poses dang near impossible in as much as what they “should” look like if you’re “doing it right,” and I like to do things right! I can’t do any pose that requires my knees anywhere near my forehead. Laying on my stomach with my head on the ground is nearly impossible (this is also why I’m afraid to get a massage) and asking me to put my chin to my chest while in downward dog is akin to asking me to suffocate myself with my own cleavage!

Whew, sorry about that. I just needed to get that out. That being said, I love hot yoga! I feel amazing and sweaty and gross and awesome after each class and I can’t wait to go back for more. I can’t wait to stretch a little farther, bend a little deeper, balance a little longer and figure out a way to work around the obstacles God has bestowed upon me. And I will¬†figure it out, because I like to win.

Since I’ve been to a few classes now, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned, as far as preparing to take a hot yoga class:

  • Make sure you are well hydrated in the days leading up to your class. Don’t just drink a water cooler of water right before class. You’ll be all sloshy on the inside, and that will not feel good in downward dog or any positions that push on your bladder.
  • Bring a big towel to lay over your mat, unless you like working out on a slip-n-slide. I just use a regular ‘ol bath towel, but I saw that quite a few people had towels specifically made to fit their mats. I may have to look into getting one of those.
  • Bring an extra towel for your face. You’ll need it.
  • Wear whatever you want. I always thought hot-yoga practitioners wore next to nothing. Not true. Tanks, t-shirts and workout capris are the norm.
  • Exfoliate your feet the night before class. No, seriously. If you don’t, the heat of the room and the rubbing on your mat will do it for you and it’s not a pretty sight. Trust me.

Have you ever taken a yoga class, hot or otherwise?

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