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Look Mom, I’m Cooking!

I’ve been very motivated lately, and today was no exception. I’m not exactly sure where this motivation is coming from, but I’m trying not to question it.

This morning I was trying to think of how I could use up some of the vegetables in my fridge since I’m going *glamping this weekend, and I decided that I wanted to see if I could roast some in the oven.¬†Mind you, I’ve never roasted anything in my oven before, let alone veggies, but I was bound and determined to try it.

Unfortunately, I’m quite fond of getting really excited about doing something, then finding an excuse not to do it. Today could definitely have turned into that day (aka: end-of-the-day wrenches thrown into my otherwise perfectly pleasant workday) but I did not want to ‘quit’ again. So I posted the following on Twitter and Instagram, and told my friend Michelle, hoping that the fear of some good old fashioned public shaming would keep me in line:

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roasted veggies textgram

It totally worked!

I drove straight to Trader Joe’s after work (when I really just wanted to go home and take a nap), picked up only what I needed (I did have to talk myself out of a pack of chocolate bars), then came home and immediately started prepping my cauliflower and asparagus for roasting. Who am I!?!

I don’t have any prep pictures because I didn’t want to stop, but this is the finished product. There were actually more pieces on the tray, but they never made it to my plate. So delicious! And easy! And why have I only just now tried this?? [fear of failure and not knowing what I’m doing]

roasted veggies

I used olive oil, pink sea salt, and pepper for seasoning, but I think I might try some other seasonings next time, because there will definitely be a next time!

Oh, and then I sent this to my Mom:

text to mom - made roasted veggies


Do you have a favorite roasted veggie? What seasonings/spices do you use? I need suggestions!


*Glamping: Glamorous Camping, aka a motor home :)


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