I’m Having a Fight with a Milkshake

Weigh-In Wednesday (Friday) Jan. 23, 2013

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I seem to have fallen into the mid-month trap of complacency. It started with a “sugar free” coffee, and ended with some pizza and burgers.


I have said no to pop and opted for unsweetened iced-tea. I’ve said no to cake and cookies and pastries (and the big box of truffles that has been sitting on the desk behind me at work for two days because that’s where EVERYONE puts their leftover-to-share sugary treats… it shall henceforth be known as the Diabetes Desk…I seriously just came up with that…). Anyway, I’m making positive healthy choices more than the not-so-great-for-me choices, but I really want to be making more consistent positive choices.

Like right now, I REALLY want a mint oreo milkshake from Burgerville, and I am literally having to tell myself ‘no’ every five minutes because I’m calculating the time between now and bedtime, and if it’s worth it to go out in the rain for a 15 minute round trip. So far, my brain is winning. And I really need to restart The 21-Day Sugar Detox!

And on that note, I weighed-in (back on Wednesday morning) and was down to 287.4. A loss of 0.8 pounds. Yay? I’m happy for the loss but I know it could have been more. I’m looking to hit 285.5 by the 30th (the end of my 1st DietBet) – which would be a healthy 1.9 pound loss for this coming week. I’ll let you know!

Oh, and if you happen to be on MyFitnessPal, add me (pretty please)! Tracking is something I have a bad relationship with, but I’m trying to remember to write it all down so I can really see my track record, instead of just trying to remember when I might have eaten something, at some point, on some day. Plus it really sucks to have to enter in the pizza and burgers, and will perhaps become another small reminder that I need to keep making positive choices.

I was going to go over my Nike+ FuelBand stats in this post (because I’ve actually been wearing it every day!), but I think I’ll save it for a full post tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

Have you kept to your goals/resolutions this month? What has kept you motivated (or gotten in the way)?


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    It can be really hard to talk yourself out of a treat…glad you were able to do it and congrats on the weightloss.

    This month has been good for my goal. I really wanted to make sure I was positive and no bad self talk and I would say that I’ve accomplished that.
    Dawn recently posted..Bucket List: YogaMy Profile

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      Oh, I love your goal and I’m glad you’ve stuck with it! Last year I had to work really hard to change my thinking and how I talk to myself. Hard, but worth it!

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    Have you ever tried roasting butternut squash? It’s such a delicious and SINLESS treat!!! Totally cures any sweet craving that I ever have! You just have to get creative with healthy foods and soon enough you won’t crave those oreo shakes and what not. I am sure you could also MAKE YOUR OWN with some vanilla and chocolate protein powder – those them in a blender with some ice, stevia and un-sweetened chocolate chunks if chocolate is your thing, BAM! Oreo Cookie Wannabe SHAKE that is 20x healthier than that Burgerville Baloney!! ha ha ha.
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Worth The Brain FreezeMy Profile

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      You know, I always seem to forget that I can make my own concoctions when I’m craving something! I’ll have to remember to try this next time the milkshake is calling my name. :) and yes, I have had roasted butternut squash. It’s delicious!!

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    To be fair, the Burgerville shakes are FREAKIN’ EVIL. They are so damn good. I love the hazelnut one in Fall. And the cherry one in spring…..UGH! It’s been ages since I’ve had one because the calories are so high, but if I do get a craving I try to split it with someone. Do they have a child size option?

    I’m on MFP!
    Lisa recently posted..So it BeginsMy Profile

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      I have refused to look at the calories because I just don’t want to know. ha! (this is clearly part of my problem…) But it’s Burgerville, so they’re healthier… right?! ;) What’s your name on MFP?? I can’t seem to find you!

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