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Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

crab building portland

Has anyone seen the first quarter of this year? It seems to have disappeared! Holy smokes.

I was trying to find a photo to use for this post by slowly scrolling through my iPhoto over and over again. Nothing jumped out or really made any sense for this post until I saw this one, and realized I’ve been kind of crabby lately…

I took it a year or so ago and I think it’s particularly funny because it looks like the crab is flipping people off as they drive up Burnside. I don’t know why that’s funny; it just is.

This time of year is always crabby for me because it’s a stressful time (for everyone) at work and all I feel like doing is working, going home, working, going home, working … you get the picture. Funny thing is, every single year I forget how crappy this time of year is, and then I’m somehow surprised when it happens again the next year. Call it self-preservation, or ‘same thing, same results’ — either way I can’t wait till it’s over!

That being said, thank you so much for all your support on my last post. I was a little worried I sounded like a whiner, but after reading all the comments, and then reading some other blogs where people were essentially talking about the exact same thing, I felt a huge weight lift. Ah, realness FTW! (does anyone use that term anymore? I feel old…)

I’ve been off the blog and social media circuit for the last few weeks (and it’s felt great!) but now I feel totally lost and need to catch up: Google Reader is going away? YouTube has a new look? We can use words in our Facebook page cover photos now? I even think a few people’s kids grew into adults while I wasn’t looking too.

Oh, and I’ve lost 6 pounds. Pretty much solely because I’ve been drinking enough water and cooking dinner at home. Go figure. Two weeks ago the scale hit a number that I never ever actually wanted to see, and it finally clicked that I’ve been lying to myself for a very long time. Snacks here and there do add up. Taking the “long way” to the bathroom at work is not a workout. Cookies do not make me feel better. Thinking about working out, is not a workout.

Something else happened two weeks ago that snapped me back to reality: Lorrie Fenn passed away on March 15th from a heart attack she suffered while working out at the gym; the day after her 30th birthday. If you don’t know who Lorrie is, she wrote a blog called the Token Fat Girl. She was the first blog I ever read, and she’s actually the one who inspired me to start my own blog. She was so open and honest about the process of losing a lot of weight and she was a beautiful person and writer. She stopped writing on her weight loss blog last summer, deciding instead to give her full attention to the creative business she was building, and I so admired her for it, because she never let her weight stop her from living her life.

Such a tragic way to be reminded that life is too short not to be fully lived. My heart goes out to her husband, family and friends.

Go hug someone you love, then go do something now you’ve been putting off until tomorrow.


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  • Reply Dawn March 28, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Congrats on the weight loss and welcome back to the world of social media. I’ve been off and on this whole months and I’m trying to catch up.

  • Reply Tricia April 3, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Lorrie’s passing was so sad, she was such a creative girl, smart and witty. This time of year is hard for me too because I need Spring, I need to feel refreshed. The crab picture is pretty funny, a crab with attitude!

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