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Dance Workout DVD Review: Dancinerate Burn With the Beat

Dancinerate dance fitness dvd review

I suppose a review post that simply says: OMG, BUY THIS NOW! isn’t quite enough, right? Because that pretty much sums up how I feel about this dance workout.

I bought Dancinerate: Burn With the Beat by Ilyse Baker as soon as her pre-sale started, because I’ve been stalking waiting for this to come out for a couple months! Ilyse is an accomplished dancer and choreographer, and along with teaching her Dancinerate classes in LA, she is currently a Reebok Global Fitness Ambassador, was named Top Trainer in the Country for Dance by Exercise TV, and contributes online workouts to FitnessGlo.

I would honestly consider flying down to LA to take a class with her, but luckily for all of us, we can now dance with her right in our living rooms. (I’d still consider an in-person class though!) Dancinerate is her first solo dance workout DVD, and she teaches two dance routines: Broadway Jazz, and Hip Hop Funk. There’s also a lyrical cool down which I thought was a great addition because you’re still dancing right up to the end.

Check out the video below for a little preview!

The routines are choreographed like a typical dance class and I think she does a great job of breaking them up into easily learned pieces. You start with slow run-throughs of a section, then practice them at tempo, then build in more and more, backtracking and repeating each section as necessary until you’re ready to take on the full routine several times in a row. My favorite is the hip hop routine and I found myself running through the choreography in my head the next day at work! Practice, practice, practice.

I would categorize the workouts as ‘beginner-intermediate’ and I don’t think anyone would have trouble learning the routines because you can just keep rewinding and rewatching as needed!  For myself, the routines could have been a bit harder, and longer, but the DVD was made to be accessible to everyone, and I think this at home workout is a great way for people to try some new moves without the mirrors and crowds of a dance studio.

You do need a bit of room all around you to be able to do the moves full-out, but I think it’s well worth it to move some furniture out of the way if necessary. Also, there’s a mini abs and buns workout – in case you needed a final push to purchase. :)

You can buy here: Amazon | Shop on | Collage Video |  Total Fitness DVDs


If you buy it, let me know which routine is your favorite! 
Do you have any dance workouts that you love, that you think I should check out? 

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money. I’m the only person who expected me to do this review. I rave because I love it!


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