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    Life + Faith

    Looking Back to Move Forward

    I know people are always saying “don’t look back, you’re not going that way,” but I think it’s a good idea to take stock of what went wrong (and right!) in the previous year so you can make the necessary changes – unless you are happily content, and in that case, what’s your secret?? Is it possible to be content and restless at the same time?

    Anyway, if I could say one thing about 2015 it’s “thankful” … that it’s over! Continue Reading

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    Life + Faith

    Goal Setting and Depression

    Happy New Year! It’s that goal setting time of year again when everyone else seems to get super productive and motivated, and I’m sitting here with overwhelming analysis paralysis.

    I’ve been collecting goal setting workbooks, watching goal setting webinars, and reading goal setting blog posts as if I’ve never heard of goal setting before. I’ve joined at least three goal setting Facebook groups, and my inbox is filled with goal setting tips, tricks, and inspirational emails: Bigger goals! Better goals! Find your passion! Create your best life! More goals! ALL THE GOALS!!

    And then I turn on Netflix and binge watch ‘The Mysteries of Laura’ because I just can’t goal anymore. Continue Reading

    2016 Purposeful Planner Holly Floral - the tiffany project
    Life + Faith

    2016 Purposeful Planner Review and Giveaway

    This week is my final planner review and giveaway for 2015 – the 2016 Purposeful Planner in Holly Floral! The Purposeful Planner is special to me because I’ve been in a Facebook group with the creator, Corie Clark, for several years and I’ve been able to watch as she developed this planner last year (2014) in time to release the very first edition into the world for 2015. I am so inspired by people who decide they want to do something and figure out how to get it done!

    I am very excited to be sharing this review with all of you this week, and I’m even more excited to be giving one away – especially because this daily floral design is already sold out! Continue Reading