yaquina head lighthouse horizon
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    Don’t Tell Me Summer is Over

    This year is a conundrum for me. I would simultaneously like it to slow down (because how is it August already?!) but also just get over with and go away because personally, it’s been one of my worst ever. Depression, anxiety, wanting to move to Seattle but realizing it’s financially impossible (and likely always will be by myself), and just plain feeling stuck in all areas of my life. But I march on, one foot in front of the other.

    That being said, I’ve been looking forward all year to a week of camping at the beach this summer and it could not have come at a better time. It was exactly what I needed to forget about real life, and get lost in green trees, blue skies, and a deep blue ocean.

    beach lookout whalers rest

    sunset thursday whalers rest

    Below: Yaquina Bay Bridge.

    Yaquina Bay bridge

    Below: Okay fine. We don’t tent camp anymore… we motorhome, and it’s glorious!

    glamping whalers rest

    Below: Yaquina Head Lighthouse, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

    yaquina head lighthouse panorama

    yaquina head lighthouse sky

    yaquina head lighthouse close

    yaquina head inlet

    Below: Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Can you see the ghost in any of the windows??? There’s a ghost story attached to this one (that I don’t even remember) but I remember hearing it when I was little and we first came here. I’m pretty sure I was so terrified I would turn around and see her in the window that it ‘haunts’ me to this day. Ha!

    yaquina bay lighthouse back

    yaquina bay lighthouse

    yaquina bay lighthouse front sky

    And finally: I bought this Lego motorhome set months ago specifically for the purpose of putting it together with my parents on this trip because it’s so perfect. Mission accomplished!

    lego motorhome outside open

    lego motorhome outside


    I can see from social media that some kids are already back in school, but here in the Pacific NW, I refuse to believe summer is over until mid-September, and the way our weather is going, I may not have to let go until November. Hooray!

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and is getting in some good vacation and family time!

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